Dinner-Meeting with the President of the Association Quality-of-Life Foundation

Dr. Ritter Diaz, Representative Director of JAPOLAC, together with Mrs. Martha Zelayandia, Former Ambassador of El Salvador and Honorary of the Association, participated in a dinner-meeting with Mrs. Hiroko Suzuki, President of the Association Quality of Life (QOL) Foundation to explain about the objectives and activities of JAPOLAC

Mrs. Suzuki also explained about the activities and objectives of QOL, sharing her 15-years’ experience at the helm of QOL in the field of medical doctors exchange between Japan and the world.

Dr. Diaz and Mrs. Suzuki agreed to cooperate to extend medical doctor exchanges to the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) in the near future, and also to explore the possibility of establishing exchanges between Latin American universities and the Niigata University of Health and Welfare.

JAPOLAC aims at the development of practical exchanges between Japan and LAC in the area of health to improve the national health systems as well as the quality of life of LAC population.

Meeting with the Chilean Chamber of Commerce, Tokyo Chapter

On October 5, Dr. Ritter Diaz, Representative Director of JAPOLAC held a meeting with Mr. Andy Bruce, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Chile, Tokyo Chapter, in order to inform about the objectives and activities of the Association.

Dr. Diaz pointed out  that, since June, the Association initiated contacts with companies and business associations in Japan and Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) with a view to facilitating communication between companies from both regions, giving priority to small and medium-sized enterprises.

The President of the Chamber of Commerce of Chile, Tokyo Chapter, explained about the activities of the Chamber and  expressed  his best willingness  to  collaborate  with  JAPOLAC, with the purpose of expanding trade between Japan and the  Republic of Chile.

Virtual meeting between JICA and JAPOLAC to introduce Japanese Language E-Learning Program for Spanish Speaking residents in Japan

The Japan Association for Promotion of Latin America and the Caribbean (JAPOLAC) held a meeting with Mr. Katsuto Kida, Senior Deputy Director of the Planning and Migration Affairs Division, Latin American and Caribbean Department of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to introduce the E-Learning program for Spanish speakers residing in Japan.

As there are many Spanish speaking residents from Latin America who cannot communicate properly in Japanese, the E-Learning Japanese program offers a practical tool to rapidly learn Japanese language, widening employment opportunities, and thus contributing to a better quality of life for non-Japanese Spanish speaking residents.

JAPOLAC was represented by Dr. Ritter Díaz, Representative Director, Mrs. Martha Zelayandia, Honorary Member in charge of the education program of the Association and Mr. Hirokazu Yamaguchi, Managing Director.

Both parties agreed to have further consultations on the E-Learning program to explore ways for potential cooperation to implement the said program.

Representative Director of JAPOLAC Participates in a Presentation and Tasting of Chilean Pork

Dr. Ritter Diaz, Representative Director of JAPOLAC participated in the presentation and tasting of Chilean pork organized by the company Agrosuper. The presentation and tasting were especially made for Kiyomura Corporation, which is exploring the possibility of purchasing high quality pork meat from Latin America.

Agrosuper General Manager for Asia, Mr. Andreas Takamiya explained the different cuts of pork to Mr. Kiyoshi Kimura, President of Kiyomura Corporation, who appreciated the good flavor and tenderness of the Chilean pork.

The introduction of both companies was arranged by JAPOLAC, which seeks to facilitate business between Japanese and Latin American companies, carefully selecting companies with good business practices and high-quality products.