Types of Membership

JAPOLAC membership is divided in three categories: Honorary Members, Business Members and General Members. Honorary Members are divided into Individual and Institutional Members. Also, General Members are divided into Individual and Institutional Members.

The Association has posted in the homepage a set of guiding principles to regulate the conduct of directors and members of the Association.


Honorary Membership

Honorary membership can be granted to an individual or an institution.

Honorary Individual Membership can be granted to individuals who have held positions of leadership in government, industry, academia and society.

Individuals must exhibit an excellent personal reputation and integrity as well as professional achievements with a positive impact on business and society.

Honorary Institutional Membership can be granted to prestigious institutions which are committed to increase exchanges between Japan and LAC.

Honorary membership can be granted for life and is free of charge.

Business Membership

Business members are companies legally-established and operating in Japan and/or the region of LAC.

JAPOLAC can also grant membership to companies from other countries or regions which have operations or has the intention to do business in Latin America and the Caribbean or Japan

JAPOLAC places high importance on the promotion of small-and-medium-size companies in Japan and LAC; however, we also welcome large companies for the further creation of wealth, investment and employment in both regions.

Candidates for business membership must be committed to good business practices and high ethical standards, which will be carefully evaluated during the application process.

Business members will pay an admission and annual fee based on the size of the company. The admission and annual fee will be informed to interested companies in mutual consultation with JAPOLAC.

General Membership

Individuals and organizations can become general members.

To be considered for general membership, individuals and organizations must be engaged in activities related to the promotion of LAC or express their intention to work for further growth in the relationship between Japan and LAC.

Individual candidates for general membership must have a good moral reputation in their communities.

General membership is free of charge.

Advantages of Membership

As in any Association, interested parties wish to become members of JAPOLAC because they share a common purpose: to increase exchanges between Japan and the countries of LAC in the six working areas of the Association.

Since JAPOLAC was established to serve as an interregional connection platform, we will set up a professional and institutional network in every country of LAC at different levels. In addition, we will create the network in every prefecture of Japan. This network will provide reliable information to JAPOLAC to support the work and activities of members.

Therefore, any member looking for information about any individual, company, institution or any other aspect related to LAC or Japan will benefit with trustworthy information from JAPOLAC.

Another advantage of JAPOLAC is that it is composed of persons, including former diplomats, who are fluent in both languages Japanese and English, and can assist members in communications with their counterparts in the country of the other. This support is not just limited to translation, but also to explain the protocol or etiquette to be followed in the six working areas of JAPOLAC in both regions.

Actually, one difference between JAPOLAC and other promotion organizations is that JAPOLAC will guide members on how to successfully interact with their counterparts in their area of interest.

In this regard, JAPOLAC will guide members in practical terms about how to properly communicate in both environments in Japan and LAC.

The Association will educate business members in practical terms on both sides of the Pacific Ocean on how to export or carry out any business transaction with their counterparts, explaining every step and timing required to successfully complete the transaction.

Of particular benefit to business members is the Business Network Platform (BNP) where member companies will register, have their own company profile and share information about their products/services for the purpose of identifying potential business.

The Association will identify and recommend individuals, companies or institutions which are suitable to interact with other interested members, paying special attention to the integrity and capability to work with each other.

JAPOLAC will execute a rigorous selection program for members, carrying out due diligence of background and activities of potential members. In this regard, JAPOLAC will look to ensure high quality membership, with good practices to build a trustworthy and long-lasting relationship.

The Association also will offer cost-efficient result-oriented seminars for members in the six working areas of JAPOLAC, and to that end, will select good speakers and practitioners with practical experience in those fields to provide information that really suits the needs of members.

Another important benefit is that members will enjoy low transaction costs when using JAPOLAC services. As a Non-for-Profit Association, JAPOLAC fees are structured to basically cover the running cost of the Association.

In addition, members will have access to the JAPOLAC homepage where there will be regular publications with practical and easy-to-understand information about Japan and the countries of LAC.

Members will also benefit from the extensive network of contacts in Japan and LAC of former diplomats who are directors or members of the Association.

Certainly, JAPOLAC will provide a membership service that adds genuine value for those who join.

How to Apply to Membership

Interested individuals, companies or institutions can apply for JAPOLAC membership by making click on the preferred membership category shown at the bottom of this page. Applications need to include a brief statement explaining the reason to become a member of JAPOLAC together with the following information (based on the candidate’s category):

Upon submitting the application, an automatic reply will confirm receipt.

After receiving the candidate’s application, the Association will review, assess and also carry out due diligence to determine the candidate ‘s suitability for JAPOLAC membership.

During the process of evaluation of membership application, the Association may request additional information from the applicant for the purpose of clarifying any aspect of the application

The approval or rejection of a membership application will be decided by the Board of Directors of JAPOLAC within 30 days and will be informed to the applicant.

Termination of Membership

Membership will be terminated by decision of the Board of Directors of the Association based on the following reasons:

Death of the individual or dissolution of the organization.

The member has violated the laws and regulations of Japan, the countries of LAC or of any other country or territory.

The behavior of the member goes against the guiding principles and objectives of the Association.

The conduct of the member has become morally reprehensible and may cause damage to the reputation of the Association.

If a member feels a decision of termination is unjust, an appeal may be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors of the Association.

Cost of Membership

Honorary membership and general membership are free of charge.

The annual cost of business membership is based on the size of the company as follows:

For Japanese companies

For Latin American and Caribbean companies

For US and European companies working or intending to work in LAC region

For companies from other countries or regions, JAPOLAC’s Board of Directors will set up membership fees in a timely manner.


To apply for membership, please choose from the following:


General Membership-Institutional

General Membership-Individual