Japan Association for Promotion
Of Latin America and the Caribbean

The Japan Association for Promotion of Latin America and the Caribbean (JAPOLAC) was established on March 16, 2020 in Tokyo and is composed of business people from Japan and Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), who are interested in deepening and expanding exchanges of people, culture, education, trade, tourism and others areas between Japan and LAC.

Although the relations between Japan and LAC have gradually grown in the past decades, still the interaction between Japan and LAC maintains low levels of exchanges compared with Europe and the United States.

In addition, there are not many organizations in Japan strongly committed to promoting the exchanges between Japanese and Latin American and Caribbean people. There is not even an annual Latin American and Caribbean Festival in Japan, lasting several days, which allows Japanese people to become widely aware of products, gastronomy, music, dance, sports, art and other aspects of LAC’s culture.

Therefore, JAPOLAC wishes to establish a collaborative bridge with the active participation of Japanese and LAC people to bring together the best aspects of both cultures, based on basic human principles, including principles borrowed from the founder of Panasonic, the late Konosuke Matsushita.


Message from Honorary Director Mr. Kiyoshi Kimura

Message from Representative Director Dr. Ritter Díaz


JAPOLAC wishes to bring the finest Japanese and LAC people to develop a collaborative model, which enhances the well-being of Japan and LAC. The collaborative model must recognize the value of each person’s work and grant him or her what they fairly deserve. The collaborative model must also endeavor to increase the spiritual and material wealth of people in both regions, so that every person can enjoy a decent and worthy life.

Guiding Principles and Pledges

The principles will guide the thoughts and actions of JAPOLAC members.
Therefore, any person who wishes to join the Association must pledge full compliance to
these principles, which are the foundation of a long-lasting and harmonious human relationship.


Through the dedicated work of its members, JAPOLAC will strive to create the most valuable exchanges of ideas, virtues and best practices from both regions to improve the quality of life of Japanese and LAC people. In this connection, JAPOLAC members will make every effort to always maintain positive vibes, which in turn, will lead to constant innovation in the relationship between Japan and LAC.


To increase interaction between Japan and Latin America and the Caribbean, through personal, educational, cultural, trade, tourist and other exchanges.
To create a cooperative model, which enhances the spiritual and material well-being of the members, and beyond.
To expand the network of Japanese people interested in Latin America and the Caribbean region.
To establish an important cultural presence of LAC in Japan, with the annual celebration of the LAC Festival.
To network and support other associations and cultural activities related to the region of LAC.