February 8, 2022

Virtual Meeting between School of Medicines of Chiba University and the University of Panama


The Japanese Association for the Promotion of Latin America and the Caribbean (JAPOLAC) organized a virtual meeting in order to promote academic exchanges between the School of Medicine of Chiba University and the School of Medicine of the University of Panama.

Participants from the University of Panama’s Medicine School included Dr. Oris Lam de Calvo, Dean of the School, Dr. Marcos Young, Vice Dean, Dr. Americo Lombardo, Director of the School, Dr. Lilibeth Castillero, Coordinator of International Student Exchange, and Dr. Alfredo Martiz, Advisor of the School of Medicine.

Chiba University counted on the participation of Dr. Shoichi Ito and Dr. Eiji Shimizu, Professors of the Graduate School of Medicine, Mr. Kiyoshi Takao, Deputy Director of International Affairs, Ms. Takako Toda, Head of the International Students Division, Mr. Hiroshi Sodeyama, Deputy Chief of the International Students Division, and Ms. Satoko Jumi, Head of the International Affairs Department.

Both parties carried out a general presentation of their universities and academic programs, with a view to exploring the academic and research areas that can provide added value to their students.

JAPOLAC counted on the participation of Dr. Ritter Díaz, Representative Director of the Association and Ms. Martha Zelayandía, former Ambassador of El Salvador in Japan and Honorary Member of JAPOLAC, in charge of international exchange programs.

One of the objectives of JAPOLAC is the promotion of academic exchanges between Japanese and Latin American and Caribbean universities, as well as the creation of an academic and research network between Japan and LAC.