April 5, 2024

Luncheon in honor of Dr. Michiko Takagaki, Professor of Chiba University

Luncheon in honor of Dr. Michiko Takagaki, Professor of Chiba University

Dr. Ritter Diaz, Representative Director of JAPOLAC, hosted a luncheon to celebrate the frutiful career and retirement of Dr. Michiko Takagaki, professor at the Faculty of Horticulture of Chiba University.

During this occasion, Dr. Diaz expressed profound gratitude to Dr. Takagaki for her unwavering support and dedication in fostering academic collaborations between Chiba University and various academic institutions across Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) through the JAPOLAC program for university internationalization.

The university internationalization program endeavors to provide Japanese students with practical insights into the diverse cultures and landscapes of LAC. Under Dr. Takagaki’s guidance, Chiba University has successfully conducted short online programs in partnership with the Panama Technological University, the University of Technology, Jamaica, and the University of Santiago, Chile.

Dr. Diaz also commended Dr. Takagaki’s instrumental role in advancing Controlled Environment Agriculture in Panama, which led to the establishment of the Research Center for Agriculture Production in Controlled Environment (CIPAC, in Spanish). It is expected that CIPAC will significantly contribute to the widespread adoption of this innovative agricultural technology throughout the LAC region.

The luncheon counted on the presence of distinguished guests, including Mrs. Zaradeeth Del Real, Second Secretary of the Embassy of Panama, Mr. Yoshio Suzuki, President of Saza Coffee, Mr. Koichiro Akechi, President of the Association for the Conservation of Wild Orchids of Panama (COSPA), and Dr. Lu Na, professor of Chiba University, alongside other attendees.