February 23, 2024

Extraordinary Argentine Tango Performance

Extraordinary Argentine Tango Performance

On February 15, Dr. Ritter Diaz, Representative Director of JAPOLAC, attended an Argentine tango performance at Bunkyo Civic Hall by kind invitation from the Argentine Embassy in Japan and the Min-On Concert Association.

On this ocassion, the Min-On Tango Series presented the “Quintet del Angel”, delivering an exceptional showcase of tango music and dance.

Prior to the start of the performance, Dr. Diaz exchanged greetings with the outgoing president of Min-On, Mr. Kazuto Ito, with whom he had previously collaborated during his tenure as Ambassador of Panama to Japan. Their collaboration featured a musical tour by the Panamanian singer, Patricia Vlieg, commemorating the 500th Anniversary of the Foundation of Panama City in 2019.

Additionally, Dr. Diaz seized the opportunity to meet the new President of Min-On Concert Association, Mr. Koji Yamaguchi, expressing JAPOLAC’s keen interest in collaborating with Min-On Concert Association to further promote and deepen awareness of musical culture of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Established in 1963 through the initiative of the late Daisaku Ikeda, president of Soka Gakkai International, the Min-On Concert Association operates as a nonprofit, independent, and nondenominational organization. Its mission is to foster global exchange in musical culture, aiming to cultivate mutual understanding, respect, and peace among people of diverse races and nationalities.