Academic Lecture on Semiconductors

On May 30th, Dr. Yoshihiro Ishitani, professor from the Faculty of Engineering at Chiba University, delivered an online lecture on semiconductors to 82 professors, researchers, and students at Panama Technological University (PTU) to share his research and experience in this field.

The lecture was conducted in collaboration with JAPOLAC, which supports PTU in establishing academic and research partnerships with Chiba University in various fields, including semiconductors.

JAPOLAC is committed to promoting international education between Japanese universities and those in Latin America and the Caribbean.

One of JAPOLAC’s key objectives is education in artificial intelligence, recognizing the significant changes brought about by the digitization of human activities and the recent emergence of large language models like ChatGPT, which have generated considerable global concern.

Semiconductors are crucial for the development of artificial intelligence, making it a matter of national security for several advanced countries. Japan holds an important position in the global semiconductor industry, particularly in the manufacturing of semiconducting materials and chipmaking equipment.

Fuku Suzuki, NTV Personality, Participates at the Special Meeting of JAPOLAC Board of Directors with Honorary Director, Mr. Kiyoshi Kimura

The Board of Directors of JAPOLAC convened a special session at Kiyomura Corporation to provide a report to the president of the company, Mr. Kiyoshi Kimura, on the past, present and future activities of the association.

Mr. Kiyoshi Kimura also serves as Honorary Director of JAPOLAC and has been a strong supporter of the activities of the association since its inception in 2020.

In attendance at the meeting was also Mr. Fuku Suzuki, a TV personality from Nippon Television (NTV) who is currently working on a program about the activities of the President of Kiyomura Corporation, including his involvement with JAPOLAC.

Reception in Honor of the Visit of H.E. Raquel Peña, Vice President of the Dominican Republic to Japan

Mr. Kiyoshi Kimura, Honorary Director of JAPOLAC, along with Dr. Ritter Diaz, Representative Director, Mr. Ajoy Shinha Roy, Senior Director, and Mr. Hirokazu Yamaguchi, Managing Director of JAPOLAC, attended a reception on the occasion of the official mission to Japan by H.E. Raquel Peña, Vice President of the Dominican Republic.

During the event, Mr. Kimura conveyed JAPOLAC’s greetings to Vice President Peña and expressed his best wishes for stronger ties between Japan and the Dominican Republic. He also informed the Vice President that JAPOLAC is available to support and advance education, culture and business cooperation between both countries.

Vice President Peña’s itinerary included meetings with authorities from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, parliament, the mayor of Aikawa city, Dominican Republic citizens residing in Aikawa city, the president of the baseball team Hiroshima Toyo Carp, as well as a visit to the Peace Memorial Museum in Hiroshima, among other activities.

JAPOLAC will host the cultural event “Rhythms of the Caribbean: The Magic of Dominican Republic” on July 23 this year at Hamamatsuchokan in the center of Tokyo to promote Dominican Republic’s music, dance, food and tourism.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that the Embassy of the Dominican Republic is an honorary member of JAPOLAC.


Working Meeting with the Embassy of the Dominican Republic

Dr. Ritter Diaz, Representative Director of JAPOLAC, held a working meeting with H.E. Robert Takata, Ambassador of Dominican Republic, to request the cooperation of the Embassy of Dominican Republic to celebrate the next JAPOLAC event showcasing the music, dance, food and tourism of Dominican Republic.

H.E. Robert Takata expressed his support for the celebration of the event titled “Rhythms of the Caribbean: The Magic of Dominican Republic” to be held on Sunday, July 23, 2023, at Hamamatsuchokan, Tokyo City Port Takeshiba.

Dr. Ritter Diaz, Representative Director of JAPOLAC, also explained Ambassador Takata about a scholarship program to invite talented high schools from Latin America and the Caribbean to Japan.

Ambassador Takata showed interest in the program and confirmed the cooperation of the Embassy to identify talented students from Dominican Republic to participate in the said program.

Courtesy Visit to the Ambassador of Cuba

Dr. Ritter Diaz, Representative Director of JAPOLAC, paid a courtesy visit to H.E. Miguel A. Ramirez, Ambassador of Cuba to express his gratitude for the support of the Embassy of Cuba in the successful celebration of the event “Rhythms of the Caribbean: The Charm of Cuba” held on February 4, 2023, to promote Cuban culture.

During the meeting, Ambassador Ramirez also expressed his thankfulness to Dr. Diaz for the donation carried out by JAPOLAC to support the education of economically vulnerable people in Cuba. Part of the funds raised in JAPOLAC’s cultural events are allocated to social welfare activities of the country theme of the event.

In addition, Dr. Diaz exchanged views with Ambassador Ramirez regarding the possibility of academic and research cooperation between Japan and Cuba in the area of medicine due to the high level of advancement of Cuba in the medical field.

JAPOLAC also promotes academic exchanges between Japanese and Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) universities, and in this regard, relies on the cooperation of the LAC embassies to identify universities interested in fostering academic links with Japan.