June 1, 2023

Academic Lecture on Semiconductors


On May 30th, Dr. Yoshihiro Ishitani, professor from the Faculty of Engineering at Chiba University, delivered an online lecture on semiconductors to 82 professors, researchers, and students at Panama Technological University (PTU) to share his research and experience in this field.

The lecture was conducted in collaboration with JAPOLAC, which supports PTU in establishing academic and research partnerships with Chiba University in various fields, including semiconductors.

JAPOLAC is committed to promoting international education between Japanese universities and those in Latin America and the Caribbean.

One of JAPOLAC’s key objectives is education in artificial intelligence, recognizing the significant changes brought about by the digitization of human activities and the recent emergence of large language models like ChatGPT, which have generated considerable global concern.

Semiconductors are crucial for the development of artificial intelligence, making it a matter of national security for several advanced countries. Japan holds an important position in the global semiconductor industry, particularly in the manufacturing of semiconducting materials and chipmaking equipment.